“Learning to cook doesn’t mean you want a career as a chef. Similarly, learning a music instrument or singing doesn’t have to mean you must make it a profession. Any skill learnt can be applied in many ways in life that you don’t and can’t see now.”

- Groove Music School

Why Groove Music School

Beyond sharing the love for music, Groove Music School believes that music offers many benefits including but not limited to physical, emotional and mental health. And here we strive to place your best interest at heart.

This means that whether it is to obtain a certificate by having lessons/classes that will prepare you for graded examinations; to achieve your own music goals; for personal growth and self-development; or for cathartic experiences, we have something for everyone.

And really, no one is ever too old to pick up a skill, more so when it comes to music. Our oldest student is 70 years old and our youngest is 5. They say age is just a number, and we believe so.

A teacher, an inspirer, a mentor and a friend, we happily take on the roles of all four.


Your Music Journey

At our school, we stand for these values:


Safe, comfortable and conducive

Dedication and passion

Honesty and Open Communication

Fun & Engaging


Patience and kindness


Meet the teachers.

They all have a story. Let them show and tell through their teaching.

AJPiano/Keyboard Instructor
A.J, known for his patience and gentleness, is a passionate instructor with a strong record in the music industry. He comes with 40 years of experience and has performed at regional festivals. A jack of all trades, A.J’s main craft lies in piano and keyboard, and teaches bass and vocal harmony as well. Gifted with sharp sense of hearing, he has the ability to pick up any song of your choice within minutes. Not a fan of sloppiness, he is also very meticulous in his teaching.
Philip Loon
Philip LoonGuitar/Ukulele Instructor
Philip is a veteran backed with decades of rock-hard experience. His strong suit lies in Classic Rock (think Deep Purple, Gun & Roses, Bon Jovi, Santana, Scorpion and ACDC) and has taught more than 100 students to date, many who have attained up to grade 8 certification in guitar, Rock & Pop by Trinity College London. Your definite go-to guy if you wish to acquire great guitar tones and want to talk about all things guitar.
Isaac Koh
Isaac KohGuitar Instructor
Isaac comes with more than two decades of experience in performing, recording and teaching the guitar. He holds a Music Director role in his day job and teaches music as part of his passion to share the joys of learning music. He always ensures his lessons are easy to understand and deconstructed to help pace every student in their journey of learning music. Friendly and easy-going, it's easy to be comfortable around him.
Cheryl Loon
Cheryl LoonVocal Instructor
‘Voice of a Disney princess’ as many would say, Loon is a vocal instructor with 10 years of professional singing experience. She possesses a Higher Diploma in Contemporary Vocal Teaching at The Voice College, UK, a certificate in Voice Disorders, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (NYC) and Fundamentals in Early Childhood Music Pedagogy. She is in pursuit of helping people from all walks of life with their personal development & well-being all through the art of singing.
Marco F Hartanto
Marco F Hartanto Vocal Instructor
Marco is a graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance (Hons) Specialisation in Popular Music Performance. He is also an Independent Artist who has had taken on multiple roles such as a Music Performer, Composer, Music Arranger, Music Director, Recording Engineer and Live Sound Engineer just to name a few. He can’t express more on how much he rhymes with the art of singing. Marco takes on a unique and flexible approach to teaching which many students will find welcoming.