Piano / Keyboard

Piano / Keyboard

Beyond having an amazing touch and flow, playing the piano sharpens one’s motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination. It is said to help with creative expression and having improved memory.
  • 4 x lessons packages
    range from $230-$320Course Duration
  • Skill level
  • Free
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This outline is a general guideline and are usually adjusted based on the student's individual needs and skill level. The goal of the lesson is to provide the student with a solid foundation in the basics of piano playing, as well as a positive and enjoyable learning experience.

Course Outline

- Posture and hand position: Good posture and hand position

- Scales and chords: Learning to play them accurately and smoothly.

- Rhythm and timing: Learning to play notes and chords in time with the music's beat. This includes understanding note values, time signatures, and the concept of counting beats.

- Reading sheet music: Understanding the basics of musical notation, including notes, clefs, and key signatures

- Musical expression: Learning to control dynamics, such as volume and tone, and to play with feeling and expression.

- Practice and repetition: Playing scales, chords, and songs to build muscle memory and improve technique

- Listening and music appreciation: Listening to and appreciating different styles of music to develop musical skills and gain a deeper understanding of the art form.

- And of course, learning how to play your favourite pieces when you've grasped the fundamentals of playing the piano!



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