7 benefits of learning the drums | Questions about drums

should I learn to play the drums? What are the advantages?

Why should I learn to play the drums? What are the advantages? Learning how to play the drums can be an incredibly gratifying experience. Becoming a drummer is not only fun but it also brings many advantages. Here are just some of the advantages of learning how to play the drums:

Learning the drums offers numerous benefits with its unique challenges. Here are 7 benefits of learning the drums:

1. Develops motor skills: Learning to play the drums requires coordination and precision in order to create beautiful, rhythmic sounds. Playing on a drum kit stimulates multiple areas of your brain, which helps to develop fine motor skills and increases hand-eye coordination.

2. Inspires creativity: Drumming allows you to express yourself creatively by improvising rhythms and beats that are unique to you. Through experimentation and practice, you can develop an individual sound that reflects your own creative identity.

3. Improves focus: Drums require intense concentration as they need to be played accurately while keeping tempo with other musicians. Drummers need to stay focused while they play, which can help you increase your ability to concentrate on other tasks.

4. Strengthens memory: Learning new rhythms and techniques helps to strengthen your mental faculty of memorization and recall. As you learn more about drumming, your skills will improve as these bits of information become engrained in your memory.

5. Relieves Stress: Playing drums is a great way to de-stress from life’s daily pressures and worries. The repetitive nature of the beats creates an environment that allows for introspection and self-reflection, leading to inner peace and relaxation.

6. Facilitates Teamwork: Drummers often use their music to communicate with each other and bond. As they practice together, they become more attuned to how the different drums come together to form a bigger sound. This encourages teamwork and collaboration among those in the group.

7. Enhances Coordination: Playing drums requires a great deal of coordination between your hands, feet, and brain. As you learn new techniques, your ability to multitask increases as does your hand-eye coordination, helping you make faster connections between what’s happening on the drum set and what you are playing.


The benefits of learning the drums are endless, from improved physical health and mental agility to enhanced coordination and teamwork skills. It's an incredibly fulfilling activity that can help improve strength, memory retention, stress relief and much more. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise why drumming remains one of the most popular instruments around the world today.

More than these 7 benefits, this article shares other health benefits of playing the drums. 

So if you’re looking for a new hobby or want to take your music experience to the next level, consider picking up some sticks and getting started on your drum journey. We believe drumming should be accessible to everyone. We offer lessons for all levels, from beginners through to advanced players. Our experienced drummers will help you master the basics and progress at your own pace.  Our instructors also focus on each student's individual learning needs and provide advantages such as improved technique, increased knowledge and a stronger love for music.

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