Can I learn to sing if I am tone deaf? Learn more about it.

Can I learn to sing if I'm tone deaf?

"Can I learn to sing if I am tone deaf?" is one of the commonly asked questions. Perhaps before we answer the question, let's explore what Tone Deaf means.

What is being Tone Deaf?

Many of us are quick to claim that we are tone deaf or the moment we hear someone unable to sing, the first reason to that is that they are tone deaf. Tone deaf is defined as someone who is unable to differentiate the different pitches and so, will not be able to sing along to songs or sing back a note that they hear. In short, these group of people have poor ear-voice coordination.

If it's any consolation, tone deaf which is also known as Amusia actually only affects 4% of the population (you might want to think twice if you're truly tone deaf!). It is a medical condition where these people have a weaker connection between the part of their brains that process sounds and the part of the brains that operate higher-level thinking. 

How would I know if I'm Tone Deaf? 

Good question. To first know if you can learn to sing although you're tone deaf, you should learn if you're tone deaf in the first place! So we found some online tests that you can do but just like any other quizzes or tests online, please take them with a pinch of salt:

This experiment is being conducted by researchers at Harvard University 

This is another test although we can't seem to find the credibility of this. 

Before you take the test and conclude that you are or are not tone deaf, we'd like to leave you with a question - Are you truly tone deaf if you're able to tell that you're tone deaf? Because someone who is tone deaf would not even realise that they're tone deaf.

So can I learn to sing if I'm tone deaf? Am I doomed?

What we think - Most times, when we think we are tone deaf it is only because we are not used to matching what we hear with what we sing. So can you to learn to sing if you're tone deaf? It is possible to train to have a better ear-voice coordination so don't be disheartened. It only depends if you're 'truly' tone deaf. 

Well, if you ever need someone to help you access your voice, you can start here!